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Ursa Minor, commonly known as the Little Dipper, is a constellation in the Northern Sky. It is the 56th largest constellation in the sky, and contains its brightest North Pole star – Polaris.

The constellation has always been incredibly important for navigation, particularly by mariners. In a sea of brands that look alike, our guiding star is helping mission-focused brands showcase their unique vision, in every single touchpoint of their brand.

Word on the Street

“Ursa Minor has been stellar to work with throughout the process. From the beginning, with the initial branding session, Epic Creative honed in on our efforts to ‘get back to basics’ on who we are, what were about, and how we want to be perceived moving forward.”

Stephanie Shirley

Bennis Public Relations

“We worked with Ursa Minor team to redesign a website and design a logo for our organization. They were very responsive to our needs, open to incorporating our ideas, and always had quick turnaround. It was an overall great experience with a beautiful end product!”

“Ursa Minor has an intangible knack for taking your dreams and bringing them to life – I couldn’t recommend working with them enough!”

Dan Liberatore


Shiny and New

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