We’re in business to make small businesses stand out.

Time and time again, we’ve been asked the same question, “Why small businesses? Isn’t there more money, power and prestige with large businesses?”


But, if we were in business for more money, power and prestige, then we probably wouldn’t have the time to chat with a client over a cup of coffee, pour our creative energy into a new logo for a non-profit, or take a moment to enjoy what we do for a living – helping small businesses grow.

To further our point, we’ve compiled our Top Ten Reasons to Love Small Businesses, as a tribute to all of those that work tirelessly to make our local communities thrive. Feel free to add to our list in the comments section below!

Our Top Ten Reasons to Love Small Businesses

1. You are passionate.

2. You love what you do enough to start your own business. You were probably scared but took the plunge anyway. That takes courage and conviction.

3. You care about your community and think the world needs more of what you have to give.

4. You are a risk-taker.

5. You are a job-maker. Did you know that 77 million Americans are employed by small businesses?

6. You are a team player. You support other local businesses, in an effort to strengthen your community.

7. You are a proud supporter of your schools/community organizations and are eager to partner with them to support their continued success.

8. You stand out. You cannot be cloned into a “big box store” or “business franchise” because what you offer your customers is unique.

9. You wear many hats with style and grace. On any given day, you could be accurately described as an accountant, public relations director, community service member, and entrepreneur. That takes great attention to detail, as well as an internal drive that does not wane in the face of exhaustion!

10. You are dedicated. Dedication is a trait that is all too often overlooked, and it is what makes small businesses great. Dedication to staff, dedication to customers, and dedication to community – a sincere interest in what you do and how you do it – that’s what makes your business stand out.

See, we told you we loved small businesses! Please share if you feel the same way!

photo credit: “Caveman Chuck” Coker via photopin cc