Let’s face it – now, more than ever, it’s essential for businesses to have a digital presence. This year, Nielsen came out with a report that included the following statistic:

Adult U.S. citizens spend 11 hours a day using some form of electronic media.

From smart phones to tablets to television, most people spend a good portion of their day in the digital world. This means that, in order to get your message out, you need to start thinking about a digital marketing plan. In this blog, we’ll help you get started.

Getting started with Digital Marketing

Don’t be intimidated with the prospect of adding a digital presence to your business. We’re here to help! Here’s are a few questions to get you thinking about how digital media can benefit your business.

1. What are your goals?

  •  Keep them specific and measurable.
  • Write down some of your priorities and the time frame in which you want to accomplish them.
  • Check in with this list monthly.

2. What is your average value of a customer?

  • When you are thinking about marketing and advertising, figuring out the average value of a customer is a great metric to use.
  • To calculate this, figure out how much does your average client spend with you annually.
  • Add the referrals you generally get from one client and this gives you your average value of a customer.
  • Example: If your average client spends $1,000 with you, plus gives you two referrals that average value is $3,000.
  •  Any advertising dollars you spend should be with these figures in mind.

Having definitive answers to each of these three questions will allow you to create a targeted digital marketing plan. In our next blog, we’ll walk you through the steps to attain these goals, using the Inbound Marketing Trifecta – Social Media, Blogging and Email Marketing!

photo credit: Kat Northern Lights Man via photopin cc