As small business owners, we all know the difference between positive attention and negative attention, right? So how do you attract the right kind of attention through inbound marketing to get new customers? In this blog we’re going to tell you how in three simple steps:

  • Do your research
  • Create attractive advertising messages
  • Make things interesting

Do Your Research

Find out what people are looking for and make it about them. This takes research. Sometimes what you think people are looking for may be entirely different than what they actually want. Any initiative you take will have a bit of risk. But with risk comes reward. For example, instituting a referral program works very well at some facilities but not as well in others. Creating a simple survey for potential customers to fill out may generate a ton of helpful feedback, allowing you to alter your focus to meet their needs.

Create Attractive Advertising Messages

Based on the information gained from your research, change your advertising messages to be more attractive to your customers, both current and potential. Think less about long lists of what you do, but instead focus on how well you do it. Most importantly, you want to highlight how you will solve their problems. When people need something, they have a problem. Your primary objective should be to provide an efficient and effective solution to that problem.

Make Things Interesting.

This is where lots of digital marketing mediums, like social media come in. Don’t just always talk about your facility on your Facebook page. Talk about what is going on in your community. Talk about your latest charitable partnership. Be witty and be funny. And be sure to include images of anything and everything that’s going on at your facility and events that you participate in.

Essentially, inbound marketing is all about making personal connections. Learn about what people want from your particular service. Then, determine how best to solve their problems and highlight these services in your marketing message. Then, engage with your current and potential customers to allow them to get to know you and your business. Together, you’ll solve their problem and grow your business – what more could you ask for!

photo credit: Let Ideas Compete via photopin cc